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FAQ - Ultimate4Trading PRO 2017


Frequently Asked Questions


Software, Mac and Mobile Phone

q) Can I use the software on several PCs?
a) Yes, this will be possible without additional costs. However, Ultimate4Trading cannot work with a broker account on several devices simultaneously.

q) Will the software also run on my Mac?
a) As this is not software, but merely a web application that can be called from every browser, Mac users can trade with Ultimate4Trading without any trouble.

q) Will the software work on my mobile phone?
a) As this is not software, but merely a web application that can be called from every browser, mobile users can also trade with Ultimate4Trading from their mobile phone.

q) Can I test the software using a demo account?
a) Yes, Ultimate4Trading provides a unique opportunity to test the algorithm as a demo until you are ready to activate the account with a deposit and trade for real.


q) How do I deposit the money with the broker?
a) You will find the deposit money option in the banking area under the “My Account Section” at your preferable broker site.

q) Which options of depositing money are available?
a) You can choose from a variety of deposit preference, this includes depositing via bank transfer, credit card, EWallet and a large verity of alternative payment methods.

q) How long will it take if I deposit via bank transfer?
a) That's depends on your Geographic location, a wire transfer from the UK, Germany, Austria or Switzerland will usually take between 2 and 3 work days.

q) Why do I have to deposit money if everything is supposed to be free?
a) Using Ultimate4Trading is completely free; the money is being deposited on your trading account at the broker website. Ultimate4Trading is fully connected with your broker account and will transfer your trades directly to the broker, where they will be executed.

q) Will I be able to access the deposited money at any time?
a) The deposited money will appear in your account balance on the broker website, this is comparable to a bank account with online access. This money on the broker trading account can always be withdrawn per to the broker’s Ts&Cs.


q) How do I get started?
a) You can get started by opening an Ultimate4Trading account, then you'll have to set an account with your preferred broker and deposit money to your trading account, than you'll have to connect your broker account with the Ultimate4Trading account.

q) Can I change the stake amount?
a) The stake amount is decided by you. There is a £25 minimum investment on an Ultimate4Trading trade. This can be adjusted at any time depending on how much return you want.

q) How can the broker finance all these earnings if everybody gains?
a) Not all users trade with trade alerts and algorithms like Ultimate4Trading. A rather large number of users who do not use supporting tools will suffer losses more often.

q) When are the best times for trading?
a) This is a question that cannot be answered in general, as this will always depend on a variety of factors that influence the market development, trading options via your Ultimate4Trading account will help you choose the most promising trading opportunities for you.


q) Are my earnings subject to taxation? If so, how high are these taxes?
a) For legal reasons, we are not allowed to provide any advice on taxes, as we are not licensed tax advisers. However, once your earnings will show considerable profits, please consult with your tax adviser, who will readily provide you with related advice.

Money Withdrawals

q) Can I withdraw the money at any time?
a) Yes. You can always withdraw the money from your broker trading account.

q) Which payment methods are available?
a) You can choose from a variety of withdrawal methods, this includes bank transfer, credit card, EWallet and a large verity of local payment methods.

q) How long will a money withdrawal take?
a) Withdragaing money from broker account takes approximately 3-5 work days.