Binary Options Robot Scam

Binary Options Robot Scam

There are now many different robots available for trading binary options. The hard part is figuring out which robot actually works, and which robots are a scam. Binary Options Robot ScamBinary Options Robot Scam

1. What Are The Real Results?

Many robot providers like to brag about results of 90%* (Amount to be credited in case the operation is successful) accuracy.

The truth is, 90%* (Amount to be credited in case the operation is successful) results can happen when the robot is on a gainning streak, but a losing streak of 40%* (Amount to be credited in case the operation is successful) success rates will wipe out your trading account. Look here and you will see different results with different brokers using the same software. Binary Options Robot Scam

2. Choice of Brokers

As you have already realized from our discussion on broker complaints, it is not smart to use a robot that only works with unlicensed brokers, or brokers with a bad reputation. Also, never deposit money into a brokerage account until you see the robot’s settings page. Binary Options Robot Scam

“Our Software is for Traders Who Want Control & The Best Broker“ – BinaryOptionRobot

Binary Options Robot Scam

3. The Problems Using an Auto Trading Robot.

The terms high frequency trading, algorithms, and automated trading are thrown around Wall Street like they are no big deal. When a Wall Street firm builds a trading system, it is designed by stock market analysts and then back tested to near perfection before it goes live.

The majority of binary option robots give us no idea what the robot is programmed to do. For all we know, it could be just randomly generating trades. Binary Options Robot Scam

4. Can You Customize the Robot?

You watched a video, or received an email. They told you to just open an account and the robot automatically trades for you. Binary Options Robot Scam

But where are the controls? Can you pick which assets are traded? Can you choose where the signals come from? Did you know that different brokers offer different returns?

Have a look at the many options available for traders using this robot, see here.

Which Robot Do You Think Traders Choose?

This One That Allows Trader To Customize.

Binary Option Robot Platform Binary Options Robot Scam
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or This Robot With No Options

The Aussie Method
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Binary Options Robot Scam99%* (Amount to be credited in case the operation is successful) of Traders Always Choose the Binary Option Robot!

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Thank you so much for explaining how binary option robots work, and how the scams rip you off. Binary Options Robot Scam

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Binary Options Robot Scam

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